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Kinda high. Drank some beer a few moments ago xD hahaha. But here at work. Gotta pretend :P
Crap. I finally noticed that what I feel is affecting everything I do. I can't finish any art and I screw everything I do at work.

This is awful.

Now, I feel like somewhat similar to Skrillex's song, "I want to kill everybody in the world" xD haha
I don't know why but I feel some sort of pain and sorrow. But I take advantage of it 'cause it gives me inspiration and urge to make art. Actually, there's a lot of things that I could imagine in accordance with this feeling. I just don't know how I would express them as art because there's too many of 'em and I can make only an art at a time... and it takes so much of my time to finish one. *sigh*
Well... Actually, I don't know how to categorize my works xD hahaha
I don't really know that much about categories of art :P
But I'll try to study things about that :D
just had my graphics tablet and I'm gonna draw a lot xD (though not the best one, but it's a good start isn't it? :P) I'll be submitting more arts starting now :D